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Born in Ethiopia, and raised in Southern Italy, Berlin, and New York, the Lion has been a student of the world before he could walk. He was trained by the wise while he ate with the poor. He knows what it’s like to be hungry. And we all know that he is ready to feast.

Lion O. King ​is inspired by the likes of Daft Punk​, Mumford & Sons​, Moby​, Paul Kalkbrenner​, Jim Carrey​ and Barack Obama and has performed on stages such as Rock am Ring and many shows across Germany, Europe and the US.

Lion O. King is back with his second full length studio album, You Are God Too. While his debut ‘Dare To Love​’ leapt into the psyche of Lion O. King​, “You Are God Too​” journeys outward, exploring freedom of thought, the hope to carry on, and the right to be happy.






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