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John & Anna Rosenfeld, a husband and wife sound engineering team based in the Spandau district of Berlin, are proud to announce they will offer exclusive time in their private home studio to
DA Musical clients. With over 20 years combined experience in the music and recording industry; they offer arranging, recording and mastering with some of the best equipment from Avalon, Slate, Neumann and much more in their private house, located in the quiet village of Haselhörst.
Every musical style is catered for and if you need extra flavor for your songs they are happy to provide custom arrangements for your songs with everything from simple piano to full orchestral scores, backing vocals and synthesizer.
John, hailing from the United Kingdon, was the director of Clockwork Studios in Lancashire and has worked with countless artists to help them bring their ideas to life all over the world, both in-house and via online platforms.
Anna is an accomplished operatic/metal vocalist and songwriter with a solid background in audio engineering. She was also a former studio advisor and sales representative for the famous Musikhaus Thomann for many years and was the lead singer for Nightwish tribute band, Angel of Grief.
The studio features a compact yet airy live room and a fully equipped control room with state of the art equipment such as:
  • Microphones
    • Slate Digital VMS Microphone System
    • Neumann KMS 105, Rode NT5, Rode M5, Rode NT1, Avantone CV-12 and many others!
  • Many virtual instruments from Eastwest, Spectrasonics and more
  • Kawai digital piano and Korg Krome workstation



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