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HQ Session: Ella Fuchs live at DA Musical HQ, Berlin-Spandau.

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While music is her preferred outlet, Ella Fuchs always loved using different forms of artistic expression. Call her a writer, a painter or a crafter, but in the end, she is remembered as a singer-songwriter with songs that transport and embrace you.

Ella’s music is a refreshing mix of indie folk and acoustic pop but she also plays with elements of soul, rock and even cyberpunk. Born, raised and still based in Berlin, she enjoys to mix different styles and refuses to settle down for only one genre.

Her songs tell stories of encounters and different forms of relationships, using the tales to reflect on the way we live and act together in our society. Ella is working and playing with different people for more than ten years but decided to start a new project as a solo artist during the first wave of the pandemic.

Suddenly stuck in her died-down hometown, which is usually known to never bore, she wrote a series of songs for her upcoming EP and started producing them shortly after.

You can find her music on all the usual online platforms:

Streamed live from DA Musical HQ in Berlin, Germany

DA Musical is a consultancy to the music entertainment industry.

Assisting musicians to grow their international identity through digital and terrestrial means and creating high-quality live music experiences are the two main areas of focus.

If you would like to feature your songs on DA Musical HQ or would like to feature in my next episode, please contact me on – I’m always on the lookout for some fun tunes, awesome shows and interesting experiences!

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