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The Importance of Developing a Stable International Brand in the Music Industry

For the last two and a half years, I have immersed myself in the creation of my own musical business’ brand, DA Musical. It has been an invaluable exercise, as well as a gratifying experience to have been involved from the outset, seeing though brand guidance forms a large part of what I offer at DA Musical.

Since DA Musical’s inception towards the end of 2013, I have noticed that it is an ongoing task to communicate the message that I want my brand to convey to my supporters and client base. What is the message, you may ask?
A brand message is more complex than one thinks. DA Musical is no exception. It takes everything related to the business into account, to name a few examples; the quality of work provided to our clients, the level of trust built between us and our clients, the musicians we choose to associate with, the quality of venues we host our events at, the quality of music equipment we use and what other brands we associate ourselves with.

It is vital to dig deep and to find the message that you want to convey to your brand’s followers. By knowing your own brand conversation, it is easier to link your message to the creative/design required.

In my opinion; the ‘look and feel’, created by using specific relevant creative/imagery and a stable logo, spearheads the brand message. In our case, quality imagery and video of all shows that we are involved with is shared through our various social media platforms and YouTube, adding to our available content. Added to this is our passion for sharing other original quality images that give brief insight into our lives outside of our musical ventures, increasing DA Musical’s ‘personal touch’. Content, a vital part of any brand, increases engagement at all touch points. This will definitely be the subject of our next post.

A lot of musicians fail to work on a relevant style of creative to be used as well as a logo that fits the brand personality and message, keeping in mind that a stable design shows brand stability. All too often, the creative style and logo changes regularly and inconsistently, resulting in an unstable and irregular brand as a whole. This makes it difficult to create a stable base to work from.

Here at DA Musical, we are passionate about guiding musicians to improving their reach in a very competitive industry. For more information on building a stable brand, contact us today!

More to follow next time!

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