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This Wednesday, I have the honour of meeting Ciaran McNally of McNally Guitars for the very first time for a chat about all things guitar!

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McNally Guitars are a fusion of the American and Celtic traditions of guitar making…

-American inspired body shapes, with Celtic aesthetic decoration.

-A tone comprising the warmth and sustain of Celtic guitars, and the strong fundamental presence and clarity of American guitars, making for a uniquely versatile sound.

The development of Ciaran as a luthier, and his guitars, is grounded in a wealth of professional guitar making experience. A student of two guitar making colleges, and a former employee of two renowned guitar companies all before the age of 30.


Find out more about McNally Guitars:

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Charity Disclaimer
10% of all donations received from our HQ Sessions will be donated to the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund until further notice.

50% of the remaining donation is paid to our guest artists to thank them for their participation and as a support during these challenging times.

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